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Evaluate your WordPress website and get notified when its grades start slipping.

Stop wondering if your WordPress site is up to par. WP.Watch will monitor your WordPress site for multiple factors including

Domain Expiry

Don't let your domain expire! If it does, your site will go down and even worse it can be registered by somebody else. We will notify you if your domain is expiring this month.


Uptime is an important factor for both search engines and your visitors. We'll notifiy you if your site isn't responding.

Google Pagespeed

Pagespeed and performance is a big factor for both your visitors and search engines. If this score drops below 90%, we'll notify you.

WordPress Vulnerabilities

The health of your WordPress site is largely determined by how up to date it is. We will notify you if your WP core, theme or plugins become out of date and vulnerable.

We'll send you an email if any of these aspects become an issue with your site.